Thursday, September 5, 2013


The cat (our editor) has left for a few weeks ago and the mouse (me) is left alone on the table. No time to dance and party, enough to stuff to be busy with.
Here are a couple of things I worked on in the last week:

I made a poster/brochure for the new year´s festival we are going to have at Grimerud.
They wanted it to look like the blue "Amazing Race" DVD-cover.
Now that I look at the poster again, it kind of looks like a big crowd cheering on a soccer player and a dancer in mid air, with a gigantic photographer aiming his camera at them.

I really like the handwriting on the tags,
It looks like it was done with a fountain-pen.

Old labels

Here are two old-old tags we found behind the radiators when we were flushing them out the last week. I tried to find out something about the factory these radiator had come from, and found these old pictures in a digital archive. These photo´s are from 1927, and also the lettertype on the labels are earliest from that time.

New map
I am still not certain about how it´s going to look like for me at the communication-department over the long time. But I´m not so stressed anymore, I´m just going to try and knock out one project at a time, until we I know more.
Here´s a thing I´m working on right now, and I should have done this years before.
It´s a detailed overview-map of the place I live and work.
This place used to be both a farm and a boarding school, so it has many different kinds of buildings.
A good detailed map is a handy thing for all the events that are going on here, and for general info.
I really love to work on detailed and intricate projects, like this one.
I am constantly thinking of the Richard Scarry and Ali Mitgutsch books I used to read as a child.

I hope to be able to show you a colored version of this map by next week, or the week after.

I took a round over the property to get all the details right.
I wanted to have in as many of the small and great features as possible.
Trees, windows, tree-stumps, lampposts and bushes.

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