Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby sleeping

Baby sleeping - no slamming the door

I take special requests from time to time. If people ask me the right way.
One of the mums that is staying in our dorm-building asked me to make this sign for her.
With her family of three, and a dozen more students she is sharing an hallway.
Sometimes they slam the door when their two-year old is taking his afternoon nap.


The sign is working, says the mum, and the other people living on that hallway.

Besides that, work is going well, I´m getting used to the my new position in the editorial team for our magazine. I´m not one to complain about work, because I´d only have myself to blame. I miss doing the weekly illustrations for a personal project. But it´s real good to be hanging alot with new friends and old friends. Especially now that two new courses have started at Grimerud.

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