Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It is my birthday today, I am turning 32.

This week my parents are visiting from the Netherlands. For a birthday-present I got to go clothes shopping with my dad´s bank card, this was yesterday.
Today we took a trip out to the island on the middle of lake Mjøsa. We can see the island from where I live at Grimerud. Tomorrow we´ll visit another place.

Here are some photo´s from the today´s trip:

Dad at the chalk-ovens at Bergevika on the little island of Helgøya.

Mum and dad behind Hovinsholm on the little island of Helgøya.

Family picture at lake.

For the above picture, I used the camera´s timer,
i set the camera to take two photo´s, this is the first shot.
In the right-corner, you can see me running into the picture.

After dinner I skyped with my brother and his family. All four of them sang the Dutch birthday-song fro me. My nephew´s (age one and three) don´t see me so often, so both the ideas of "Skype" and "Uncle Jan Willem" were still a bit foreign to them.

A sketch from the weekend.

Swap hat

Up to this birthday-week I have been working with the articles for out Norwegian YWAM Magazine. After next weekend, I will "swap hat" and start working as the designer of the magazine.
I have enjoyed the text-side of the magazine-making. On monday-afternoon this week, I interviewed someone for the magazine. That was the first time for me to do an interview. There is always something new to do here, and after the first time, there will be many times where I can improve upon the first.
It is dawning for me how an big influence I have gotten now that I am a bigger part of making this magazine that is going out to 10.000 subscribers. The number of readers is not the biggest reason for me to do my very best, but rather to do a good job of help people along in their christian life, and to represent YWAM well.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes everyone, it is much appreciated!

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