Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Selfie: the editor

November 2013

Hey, I´m done with the magazine, it´s all done. I did learn how to plan my work well. I started to use Evernote, and that helped. Now that I can keep track of my work a lot easier, I don´t have to "carry it around with me" all the time.
When the magazine has been printed and sent through the mail, I will put an electronic version online. Since I was one of the editors, I got to write some articles and the editorial column. With a portrait picture. I also drew myself a portrait.

The photo for the magazine.

Please pray!

Lars Kristian, the guy that took the photo for me has been fighting leukaemia in the last years. He´s been in the hospital twice now for treatment. But the cancer has come back again just this week.
At the time of writing, he is at the hospital close to where he lives. The doctors have said that there is very little they could do, a miracle is needed now.

Will you join us to pray and ask God to come with His peace and healing. For him and his family.

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