Wednesday, December 4, 2013

From the farm

Here are some more photos from the farm where I am working for a couple of weeks.
I really enjoy the work, but can get quite frustrated with how much time it takes me to finish all the work. Usually, I am not home before seven or eight.

For YWAM, I still had one brochure to finish, and I didn´t get done with it until today. Every year we send out a christmas greeting to many of sour contacts. I had the opportunity to illustrate a christmas-card for this occasion, but just did not have the time for it, I have only been in my office for one or two hours around lunchtime

The calves from last week have grown a lot, and they are drinking well.

A ray of winter sun-light through the stable-window.

This photo is taken from the little tractor we use for feeding the cows,
it just fits on the path between where the cows are staying.

Work, ask, think

Last week was a big adjustment, getting up early, getting into the new work, figuring out where everything is, and how it can be done in the most efficient way.
It´s character-building. I have to be patient with myself when I can´t get the job done as fast as I want to. Every new thing I can either divided to figure it out myself, or phone the farmer. Independent as I am, it can be difficult for me to ask for help.
The farmer is an older man who has trouble with his knee. He has recently been operated, and is still walking with crutches. It´s difficult for him to stay in the house that is seventy meters from the barn.

From the back of the stable we have a nice view on lake Mjøsa.
I am surprised it has not been snowing yet, and I am happy that it is not so cold.

The wintery afternoon skies,
with the tractor in the foreground.

Picking up "take-away" for the cows,
from a little drive down the road.

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