Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Filling the corners

I´ve been going back to some ink-drawing I made a few weeks ago, and coloured them, with grey.

Puu, I´ve been seriously considering to start a new weekly drawing project, so I have a little drawing to show you every week. But there´s a good reason I quit it half a year ago: so I would not spend so much time by myself in my office.
I have the tendency to fill every little corner of my sketchbook. Always a little more, always a little extra. If was into tattoos, I´d be covered and broke by now.

Here is a little bit of water-colour painting (without ink-lines).

I had ordered some books that explain the different books about the bible well. And they have come in this week. Time to read. And no time time to make many nice big drawings. Oh-o-o-oh.
One good thing is that we will most likely be reusing a series of activity pages about Jonah, that we have been working on for two years. YWAM Norway is planning to do a big campaign where we want to hand out bibles everywhere in the Norway´s northernmost province.
We would like to add some introductory pages that will set the readers in the context of the book.
Today, someone tipped me about a whole series of in-depth seminars about just that.
Ok, that was nerdy. And that´s why I want to make it fun.

We would also like these activity-books in the main-language of the Sami-people (the reindeer-herding people that live across the north of scandinavia).
In the past week, I have spent a couple of days translating all these activity-pages from Norwegian into English. Once that is finished, we can start sharing this resource with many other people across the world.

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