Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year,
God bless you in 2014.

I spent new year´s eve with friends from my church,
Just before midnight, two of us drove to the nearby town of Brumunddal to join the new-year´s mass a friend of ours was leading. Then back to Hamar to be in time to see the fireworks from "the german´s mound" down from Vang Kirke.

One of my resolutions for the next year is to keep reading my bible well, and do what it says.
I want to keep my life be guided by God and The Word he has given us.
There are some personal projects in the tube, but I don´t want to say anything about it yet.

Happy new year!

The whole coloured New Year´s page.
I want to be more dependant on God this year.

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