Thursday, January 9, 2014

Staff Conference 2014: Sketchbook dump

Staff-conference notes 1
(You can see that I erased half a page of notes,
in the end, those notes were not worth remembering)

Staff conference notes 2
(The horse does´t have a thing to do with the conference-notes, it´s just nice to look at)

Staff conference notes 3

The first week of the year, we had our annual staff conference for YWAM Norway here at Grimerud.
Over three-hundred of us gathered here to spend some time together, listen to national and international speakers. I can get quite some sketching (and doodling) done during these big gatherings.
On the top picture, you can see that I have pencilled different facial expressions of one same character. Those are sketched for an illustrated bible.
There exist more than enough of illustrated children´s bibles already. And making another one (one with my name on it) is unlikely going to do the trick. I want to do something else.

Read the bible well

I want families and children to read the bible for how it was meant to be read. The books of the bible come in different kinds of genres: history, poetry, letters, laws, etc. You can´t read the bible as you do a picture-book or a novel. And these different books were written a long time ago, to people in a very different cultures. I want them to read the bible well. That is going to be my long term plan.

In the office

The reason I, again, don´t have a lot of nice illustrations to show you, is that I have been very busy taking notes of the seminars, and figuring out how to apply them in the year to come.
While we are still figuring out a couple of things about the YWAM magazine, I will have time to finish off some of last year´s projects: An english translation of our Norwegain DTS-magazine, and the translation of the booklets with the foundational values of YWAM into three more languages.

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