Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Twist and Stretch

It can be a twist to figure out how to make the Bible speak into today´s situations.
What do we have in common with the people that the books were written too?

When you read or study a book, you put one "leg" in the book, while the other "leg" stays in the situation of your own life, figuratively. With only one foot on one side, nothing is going to change. Makes sense, right? I know that this is a wonky comparison, but, with my big feet and long legs, I am still learning.

Since we haven´t started to work on the YWAM magazine yet, I am still studying "how to read the bible". Other people call it literary criticism. I´d have to admit that it sounds really boring when I talk about it. But it´s kind of really important thing, for when you are a christian. So, instead of talking and writing about it, I will try to make something good with drawings and pictures.

It can be a stretch some of the time,
to see what some parts of the Bible really try to tell us.

Even though I am studying for the whole bible, I am studying for the book of Jonah in particular. We hope to make a very fun study-book on it, so we can hand it out later this year on the big bible-tour.

They have started to lay out a new ice-rink at Grimerud this week,
it´s going to take a few more weeks before it´s going to be done.

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