Thursday, February 6, 2014

66 Elephants

Sixty-six elephants

A parade

I have wanted to make this drawing for a long time. Not sure if this is a good representative drawing. But each of the above elephants stands for one book of the Bible. 66 in total. Since the beginning of this year, I´ve put a lot of effort into reading the books of the Bible for how they were meant to be read. It was more than a year ago I wanted to start at this project.

One of my bible-teachers in the north of Norway, used to say that you can´t eat an elephant whole. You have to cut it up before you can eat them. He was talking about bible-reading.
The metaphor has stuck with me, and I think it would be a fun to use it for an illustrated book about bible-reading. So, here are 66 elephants, all different, and a little unorganised.

Had to think of Colonel Hathi´s Elephant Patrol when I d´made this drawing.

Work: creating awareness to end human trafficking

We´ve finally had a editorial meeting about the next issue of our YWAM magazine, and one of the themes of this issue will be "human trafficking". It is the slavery of our age. Many youth have become engaged to put an end to this great violation of human rights. We believe that everyone is made by God, and in his likeness. Human trafficking, prostitution and exploitation of the weak are especially offensive to us christians, because it is offensive to God.
Norway is currently in the process of changing its laws to make prostitution punishable by law. With this they hope to reduce the organised crime in their country. After drug-trade, human trafficking is the second largest "profit" for world-wide organised crime.

Another lesser theme of our next issue will be about bible-reading, just my kind of thing. Perhaps some elephants will show up in the corners of the magazine.

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