Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Elephant and girl hanging out

Elephant and girl hanging out.

I like last weeks pictures so much, I decided to make one more like it. Most likely, I´ll make a few more of this kind. They are quite fun to make.


Next week, I will be joining an «open week» on a bible-course in the south of Norway. YWAM has a place on the little island of Flekkerøy near Kristiansand. I´m looking forward to be in class again for one week. The subject of that one week will be «hermeneutics», which deals with the interpretation of the bible.
I find this an interesting subject, both for my personal chirstian life, and for my work as an designer and artist. Every drawing I make of a bible story is in fact an interpretation. For our Norwegian YWAM-magazine, I hope to write an article that will give the readers some keys to good bible-interpretation, I will try and write this while I am there in the south.

After next week I will start on the layout for the next issue of our magazine. The magazine will arrive in people´s mailboxes, the week before Easter.

I don´t know if I will be able to post a drawing next week (or photos), but we´ll see.

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