Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bread in the gutter

It has been easter, and we have remembered that Jesus has died so that we may have life forever in him.
Before he died he broke and shared bread and wine with his followers, as a reminder of his death of the cross.
As I was preparing for this post, I thought of who Jesus would visit to share bread with.

A colour-in drawing of Jesus breaking the bread at the last supper,
this drawing was for out YWAM Norway magazine.


A magazine is a physical object made of floppy pieces of paper that are folded and stapled together. The fold that divides the left-hand from the right-hand page is called the gutter. As a rule, you don´t put anything important in the gutter, especially not faces of people, or text. Anything in the gutter will easily "disappear" in the fold.
But, you can also do fun things with this "breaking-effect" of the gutter. In this case, I put the piece of bread that Jesus is holding, right in the middle of the gutter. This way, the bread on the picture folds and breaks when you open and close the magazine pages. Neat? Nerdy?

I had written on my blog that I was going to write an article for our YWAM Norway magazine. The article was going to be about how to read and understand the bible the way it was intended. But, after I had been trying to write the article, I felt that I didn´t know the matter well enough, and could´t make the article in time.
So, I changed my plan and drew the above picture of Jesus at the last supper instead. I know, I know, there aren´t many people around who´s back-up plan is to "just make a drawing like this". Not sure if the drawing is very good for colouring though, it has a lot of small spaces and details.

The double-page as it appears in the magazine

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