Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lars Kristian´s story

(For those that do not understand Norwegian, this video has a "Caption-option" that you can turn on so you can follow it in english)

Last week, this short video with our friend Lars Kristian Kvåle got published. I can´t say I knew him very very well, but he didn´t need a lot of time to let anybody know what he was about. Lars Kristian was living for Jesus. Now he is with Jesus.

My story

A few times I did talk with him, and on all of those times we shared with each other how both of us had been given peace and hope from God in difficult periods. I have been very sick with a serious skin-condition at times between 2003 and 2010.
Life isn´t fair, but I know God to be more fair than I can see or think. His fairness, logic and power go beyond mine. God´s power to heal, is very real to me. In 2005, He healed me of the skin-disease I had been suffering. After a special time of prayer, my body healed over a period of two weeks. But once healed, the disease came back for some years, and it was in these confusing years that I learned to trust in God even though I could not understand Him. God gave me the peace and assurance that I needed at that time.

Here and here are two entries of my drawing diaries that are about Lars Kristian.
He really wanted to talk about who God was for him, much more than anything else.

At work

At the office, I am mostly working on a magazine-format of the children´s pages I have been making about the book of Jonah. I am creating some more background material around the pages that we already have. The magazine that we are working towards now is meant for people that almost don´t know anything about the bible.  This means that we have to make some changes in the text too.

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