Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mot Målet #1 2014: Human trafficking

We have an issue with human trafficking

In this year´s first issue of Mot Målet, we are have given attention to the fight against human trafficking. It seems a big chaotic issue to tackle, but staying out of it will not make it go away. There are a number of initiatives (Internationally: A21 in Norway: ForFreedom, In Amsterdam: The Lighthouse) that you can participate with to end human trafficking.

Lord of the boards

On page three and twenty, you can some illustrations I have made for this issue of the magazine. In the years to come YWAM Norway will be expanding many of their centres. Some centres will build new buildings for schools, offices and housing, other centres will move into bigger places. That´s why we´ve cleared space for "construction-corner" in our magazine, with Jesus as a carpenter, sitting on some boards.

Jesus, who was a construction-worker for most of his life.
Thinking of him as a carpenter sets the bible in a different perspective,
especially passage like Mark 13:1-3.

A bible to all

Another big thing that YWAM is going to be busy with in the coming years is a national bible-campaign. Starting in october this year, we will go door to door in the northernmost part of Norway and offer an bible to anyone who wants. Starting with this issue of our magazine, we will regularly publish articles on the significance of the bible, and articles on bible-study.
For the introduction to the bible-section of the magazine we came up with this fun illustration:

For this design I borrowed the biggest bible I could get, and stuck a number of diggers in the top.
The woman in the front is borrowed from a Vincent van Gogh-drawing.

The cutout-figures on my cutting-mat

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