Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Watercolour illustration: Syrian refugees

Two Syrian refugees

I didn´t get to post anything last week, because I was too tired after finishing the magazine.

Last weekend, I had been interviewed about my job as a magazine-illustrator. The interview was for a magazine a friend of mine is making for her studies in Oslo.
It was not the very first time I got interviewed, but this one was a lot more in-depth.
Some of the questions really got me thinking about the way I work and think. I realised that I perhaps should use my a lot more illustration in my work for YWAM. Because I can.

The drawing above is for a fundraising-campaign we are going to have to help Syrian refugees. YWAM Norway is going to send people to different refugee camps for short periods. Our leadership is meeting these day to plan how we best can help.
For the fundraising-paper, it would have been enough with just the photo of these two refugees, but I decided to make a watercolour drawing of the photo. I also hope it will make some people think twice when they see an illustration instead of a photo.

The magazine with the interview in it will not be published until in May. I´ll hope to be able to show it to you by then.


Lenneke van Veen said...

Wow Jan Willem! That is an amazing painting!

Jan Willem Middag said...

Thank you Lenneke.
It was fun making this one, I´m also pretty happy with how it turned out.