Thursday, May 15, 2014

66 pink elephants

66 Pink Elephants

Seeing pink

A long while ago, I had filled up one page in my sketchbook with sixty-six small elephants. One elephant for each book of the bible. Someone, besides my parents, liked the elephants so much that she ordered a copy in. One big picture with many colours, and one big picture with pink elephants only. The pink one is done, the many coloured one is almost done.

I´m still working on the many-coloured version of the big elephant picture

Café moving

Meanwhile, at Café UNO, the youth café where I work in Hamar, we are thinking of moving again. The block where we are in now is going to be torn down in the fall.
We are actually pretty happy that we can move to another location, because the current spot is too far away from where the youth use to hang out. Last week, a reporter from the local magazine came by to write a case about our place. The lady was really impressed with the kind of work we were doing. Once the magazine has arrived, I´ll show the article on the blog.

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