Thursday, June 19, 2014

The battle of the Odd

Wait up!

I was going to be in Oslo this week, on the church-painting project. But just on saturday I got a phone-call that the whole decoration-project had been postponed until after the summer.
So, I´m still back at Grimerud, doing my usual illustration and design.
One of the things that I have been working at this week are newsletters for our campaign to raise ten million kroner for the final purchase of the Grimerud-property (just under one third of the required money has come in).  Another thing that I´ve be working on is promotional material for our national bibel-distribution campaign in October. We are preparing to go door to door in all of Finnmark, to give every household the opportunity to get a bible.

Reliving the old times

Sunday after church, some friends of mine took me to Hamar´s yearly «Medieval festival», down by the cathedral ruins. It was fun walking around all the dressed up people, and watch their performances.

A drawing of photos I took at one of the shows at the medieval festival at Hamar.
The men (and women) on the drawing are the defenders of the city.

I was wanting to make a drawing of this medieval band too,
but decided to watch soccer-games with my friends instead.
These guys are Patrask from Sweden.

Preparing for new times

I had mentioned before that Café UNO has to move out of the pale we are in now. We don´t have a new place yet. But some good news is that the board of our café have been meeting with the city-counsel in the past weeks. They are wanting tohelp us find a new spot close to where the youth hang out. The city does no longer have preventive youth-care of their own. A number of years ago the city had to make cuts in their budget, that made them decided to lay down all their youth-care. Only non-government initiatives (like our café) have continued to be open for the city´s youth.
But, When the weather is really really nice, and the world-cup is on TV, there are very few youth that come by our café. So, with little else to do, I end up filling the last pages of the sketchbook that I´ve had for two years.

Doodles form a very quiet time in the café,
the bottom right corner was from last sunday in church.

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