Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy new sketchbook

This drawing is of my four year old nephew, driving a lawnmower.
We dropped by the Tracktor-pulling event a few weeks ago.
There was a little Lawnmower-pulling track for the kids, not sure if the machine was amped.

Sketchbook sentiment

I like finishing things. And a few weeks ago i´ve drawn the last picture (finished) in the old sketchbook that I´ve had for two years. The above picture is the first drawing I made in the new one. You can see that the paper is not so watercolour-friendly.
The weird but understandable thing is that I get very attached to a sketchbook, and as I was getting closer to the last page, I had to mentally say goodbye to it, and started to think about what the last drawing in that book would be. It´s like the end of a movie, or a book. Almost like a friendship.

Old brown book, new grey book. With corresponding cases.
They need the cases, because I take my sketchbook with me everywhere.

Breaking into a new book can be a very daunting idea, as you feel that your first page will set the standard for the rest of the book. A new sketchbooks is also like a new years, I try to make resolutions (or rules) for the whole book. Two of the rules for the book are that I will finish all the drawings, and fill all the pages. I don´t like unfinished things.
Another rule I was thinking about was that I would not draw from photographs any more. But I guess I broke that rule already on the first page. The reason for that rule is that you don´t become a good draftsman from copying pictures.

Illustrating folksongs

There is little to do for YWAM this time of the year, as mostly everyone is on vacation. This means that I´ve got a lots of time to work on other projects. Currently on my desk are five illustrations for a program about traditional Norwegian folksongs. I´m really excited about this project, and hope to get them finished by next week.

The linework of two of the five folksong illustrations,
 It´ll be in the fall that the final production will be finished.

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