Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Notes from GOfest14

The pictures on the lefts side are from a meeting that I didn´t think I needed to take written notes from.
When sitting in the back of the hall, you see everyone else in the neck.
The picture and the notes ont he right are form a seminar about story-telling,
I sat close enough to the speaker, so I could draw him. I didn´t draw his arms, because he was moving them a lot.
When I showed the drawing to the speaker, his wife commented that I got his hair right.

The left side is from the park, just a sketch.
The right side is from two meetings,
the guy standing is not taking a leak, he is standing up during worship the time.

 Another page, with a number of visual cues of what the talk was about.

I was at YWAM Norway´s annual summer-conference last week. We had meetings in the morning, afternoon and evening. And lots of time to hang out and build network.
My notes are both in words and pictures, as you can see.

I realised that didn´t take any notes of what the guys said that the church and christian life really is about, namely: The Gospel.
And I should have, because it´s the most important thing. So here´s a video of the same guy doing the same talk we got last week, while I was paying more attention to making drawings of the people in front of me.

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