Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fiery Lion

Fiery Lion: An illustration for an article about anger management.

For the last issue of Mot Målet, we were going to have an article about anger-management, and I had already made the above illustration for it. But than the article had to make place for something else.
These last weeks, we have been working on another issue of Mot Målet again, and since the article is not going to appear in this next issue either, I thought I could safely show the picture here on my blog.

I was first going to draw the Hulk for this article, but someone remind me the character is copyrighted. I don´t know how bad it is to publish you´r own pictures of superheroes and cartoon-characters. But for the article I could get the message across just as well with an lion.

The next issue of our magazine is going to be about «Discipleship and Training», and there´s a big chance that I´m going to on the cover-page. Photo-shoot on friday.

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