Wednesday, October 29, 2014

66 Deer

66 Deer.

I´ve been drawing these deer to practice for a tattoo-design that I am working on. It´s not for myself.
My birthday was nice, thanks everyone for the congratulations. There was a lot going on at Grimerud last thursday, so I spent the evening with friends in town.

Another happy thing that´s been happening i town this week is that we moved Café UNO into the new place. It´s at the main walking street of the city, and almost twice as big as the two places we have rented before. Last night I was there for a few hours to paint a bit of our signature «Jesus-portraint» on one of the walls.

Once this is done, it´s going to look like the face of Jesus.
hope we get it done by saturday though.

Next saturday is the first day we are going to have Café UNO open in the new place, hope everything goes well, and if I remember to bring my camera, I´ll take some pictures for the blog.

Back at Grimerud, we´ve got a lot of people visiting. Last week there was a retreat for teams that are pioneering new places with YWAM in Europe. This week, we´ve got some seventy extra students from other YWAM-places visiting for a week of teaching on «the fatherheart of God».
Down in my office I´ve been making puzzles again, for the next issue of Mot Målet. It´s gonna be good and really difficult.

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