Wednesday, October 1, 2014

66 Reindeer: Bibles to all of Finnmark

66 Reindeer

Last week, YWAM Norway has started her bible-distribution in Finnmark, Norway´s northernmost county. Teams will travel to all the small places to go door to door and offer a beautiful new bible to every household that wants one (or more). This marathon is called «Bibelen til Alle».
So, therefore a big picture with 66 Reindeer. Up in Finnmark there are a lot of reindeer, and reindeer-herders. The goal with this campaign is to get everyone excited about the bible again. We hope that  people will read not just some, but all the 66 books of the bible.

The last time that a group of people went door to door in all Finnmark was 70 years ago. It was the Nazi´s who told people to evacuate to the south because they were going to set the county on fire in «operation Norderlicht».

It has been six years ago that I was in a small team that would travel around the area of Finnmark, organising events and meetings for the youth.

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