Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Before I get much older

I know it´s not much, but it´s better than nothing at all.

Yeah, just quickly, I´ve been a bit busy this last week. I´ve been making some extra drawings in the evening time for this #inktober challenge, on Facebook and on Twitter. It´s been bringing back a lot of memories from when I did the illustrated diaries two years ago. Staying up late, and making drawings when I could be making friends. But the month is soon over.

Besides making pictures, I´ve been hanging out with the people here at Grimerud, that´s a lot of fun.
Meanwhile, I have not gotten to mention to you that Café UNO is moving into a new place, right at the main shopping street in the city. This week we are there to paint and prepare the place. We hope to have our first opening day there on the first november.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I´ll turn 33.

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