Thursday, October 9, 2014

Taking bibles to far off places

A very nostalgic picture of people handing out bibles from wooden crates.
The reality of the «Bible to All», is even better.

The bible to all

While I´ve been down in my office working on design-projects, others from YWAM Norway have been traveling around the northernmost part of the country to knock on every door and offer a free bible. Every door.It sounds a lot like what you would think evangelism and missions would be like. Going from door to door, giving people bibles. And it is.

The reports that I have heard fro my friends out there up there have been very positive. People like to have a bible of their own if the get one offered. Here is one of the report video-blog that has an english bit in the middle:

My invisible visible support role

For about six years ago I worked in a team that was travelling around the north of Norway. We visited churches and schools in the small villages, and did spots or crafts combined with a bible story or an presentation of the gospel. When our work with he mobile team ended, and I moved to the south, I had a sense that I would continue the same work, in an supportive role instead, not knowing then that that would be through graphic design.

So, even though I´m not tromping around the north with many of the other YWAMers these weeks. I am regularly helping out with graphics: brochures, web-banners and newspaper-ads. And we pray for all the teams of course, and for the people that will get bibles.You can follow our bible-touring activities at the Website or the Facebook-page, or follow the hashtag #Bibelentilalle.

Newspaper ads for the «Bible to All»-tour.

Loren Cunningham, the founder of our missions movement, is also coming to Norway to speak in a number of churches, and call the rest of the country to organise a similar effort for their part of the country.

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