Thursday, November 20, 2014

An Oslo visit, Sketching in the cathedral

In the last couple of weeks, I´ve been making pages and pages of sketches. I´m working a few dozen pencil drawings for a book about friendship, love and sex for christian teenagers.Writing a book for teenagers about this subject is kind of a delicate thing, finding the right way to illustrate it is even more so. The above images are meant to illustrate the the idea of craving.

 Art thieves

Today, I´ve been into Oslo, to visit the Dutch Embassy, I had to renew my passport. I took some extra hours in town to work on these sketches. One of those places was the Cathedral in the middle of the city, it´s really nice and quiet in there. No one disturbs you or wants to look in sketchbook.
I can´t say I got divine inspiration from being in the church-building, but being at a place like this does something with you mood and thoughts.

Oslo Cathedral,
a place you can go to day and night,
 just like Jesus.

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