Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Café UNO goes downtown

Last saturday we had Café UNO open for the first time in our new location at Hamars main street. The mayor came by to cut a ribbon and do a speech. The city council is very happy about having us in the city. And in the last few months, we have gotten a lot of support from other organisations as well.
Café UNO moved downtown, and we are there to stay.

Even though we´ve got our own little website for our café, it´s at our facebook-page where you bet can keep track of what´s going on.

Morten Aspeli, the mayor of the Hamar, and Linn, the manager of the café, at the reopening.
Photo credit: Tom Sigurdsen

On the day we had the café open from twelve to twelve, and I was at the café for the last part of the day. They managed to do the opening ceremony without me.

A new thing: A blackboard wall, right in front of the counter.

An old thing that is new: The «Jesus-picture» in white,
we´ve had the same mural image in the previous cafés,
but this time we gave it an light colour instead of a dark colour.

Our new downtown-place. We´ve got the whole second floor.
It´s almost twice as big as the places where we have been before.
This photo was taken when this was stil the bridal-shop.

Meanwhile, at Grimerud, we are preparing for the next issue of Mot Målet. Among other things. I´ve got asked to make children´s pages again. We have not had them in the last issues, and some families that subscribe to the magazine have been missing them.
This time it´s going to be a real brain-cracking-hard puzzle to solve, involving speech bubbles.

Here´s a bit of the puzzle that I´ve been working on this week.

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