Wednesday, November 12, 2014

From my sketchbook: Oktober

This was a «collaborative project» with Ana (3).
We placed blocks on the page, and drew around the shape with pencil,
then they got faces and bodies.
Afterwards I went over the lines with a brush and coloured them.
It kinda looked like a computer-game, so I put a Super Mario on it.

I´m going to show you some of the pages of what my sketchbook this time. I use my sketchbook on only for working ideas visually. It´s also doodling and sketching, and sometimes I let one of the children at Grimerud make some draw on a page.
Because I think of the sketchbook as a picture-book, I don´t want it to have too much written notes in them. So, for a while I´ve tried to to keep a separate notebook for writing. But then I never take note book out of my bag, and end up writing in my sketchbook anyway.

I lose attention really easily at meetings and church services, but now that I can take my sketchbook with me, I kinda look forward to sit in on meetings. It´s nice to have something to do while listening to the speaker, and I can swap very easily between making drawings and writing things down. You also pay listen in a very different way while you´re sketching (or knitting?).

I´ve shown you before probably, but I really love this guy´s sketches that he does in church. His point is not that he´s in church when he makes the drawings, but that sketching is something you can do at any time.

Meanwhile in the office, I have finished some activity pages for children for the next issue of Mot Målet. This week, I am starting to do the layout for the rest of the magazine. This is going to be the christmas issue for this year.


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