Thursday, November 27, 2014

Studio to Street: Plans for London

We have gotten a grand piano at Café UNO,
it is more than a hundred year old.
It has stood though two world wars,
and now it gets to be with us in downtown Hamar.

London 2015

In the middle of all the business of finishing the last issue of Mot Målet for this year, I´ve got something exciting that I want to let you know. I´m going to take a three month break form my regular office-life  and hang out with other christian creative with YWAM in London next year.

I will be with YWAM in central London from the end of January til the end of April, for an internship that is called: «Arts Internship». In the last half of the internship we will do creative performances in large cities in Europe, for which we will prepare in the first half of the this time. There will be arts, music and dancing.

University of the Nations

YWAM, the organisation that I work with is big on trainging and equipping young people for the tasks that they feel God has called them to. All of this training is shaped around our international university that we have called University of the Nations. The degrees of this university are made up of modules that last somewhere between one week to six months. You can work towards an degree, one module at a time, at different places in the world, rather than spending years in the same location. The DTS is always the first module that starts a degree with this university. Other courses that many people take are in the areas of bible-study, family, leadership, philosophy, missions and christian ministry.

What I want to see happen

For a long time I´ve wanted to do something very different form what I do now, but I dislike having to be sit an a classroom, reading books, writing papers and listing to a speaker. I want to make stuff.
And, that´s why this internship appealed to me so much, because instead of sitting lined up in a classroom, I hope that we get to do our learning by collaboration.
There are a number of YWAM-locations that have a special focus on the arts, but their main focus is on developing the young creatives themselves.

The other thing that I am really looking forward to for this time is to use my God-given talent to show who He is in a very direct way. Here with YWAM at Grimerud, it is almost only the things that I make that show who God is, while I stay put here in my basement-studio. I believe that God calls me to be a witness of Him through all of my imperfect life, and not just though the beautiful things that I make with my hands.

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