Saturday, December 20, 2014

A puzzle as big as a house

The puzzle: listen to what all the neighbours are saying to find out what has happened.
The goal: Find out who were not at home when the YWAM-teams came knocking on the door to offer a free bible.

Some young readers of our magazine let us know that they missed the children´s pages in the back. So, for the latest issue of our magazine, I´ve made this really difficult and detailed puzzle-page. Even though it´s fun, it´s also a rather difficult puzzle, this one is for the kids with sharp brains. It´s the kind of puzzle that I most loved to solve when I was a teenager.

The backstory of the puzzle is the Bible to All-campaign that YWAM Norway has had in September and October this year. In small groups, we have gone from door to door in the whole of the northernmost province of Norway to knock on every door and offer people a free bible.
In the puzzle, you are standing in front of an apartment block in the north, to re-visit the people that were not at home when the teams came by the door with their bibles.
All the teams wrote down the responses they have gotten at each address, but unfortunately, the notes for this apartment block got lost. Now, you have to learn who was not at home by listening to what all the neighbours have to say about each other.

Here is how I put the puzzle-page together:

First, a grid for the whole apartment block, drawn on A3-paper,
you also have to plan beforehand where the answers are going to be.

Secondly, add all the people that live int he apartment block,
with speech bubbles for the hints that you had to follow.

Thirdly: Put the drawing of the house and of the people together in photoshop,
print it, and colour it (I was not happy with this look).

So, print the drawing again,
but with some parts of the house already coloured.
This way, it did not look so messy, and a bit less for me to colour by hand.

Lastly: the final drawing on an A3-sheet of paper,
Coloured with inks, watercolour and coloured pencils.
The text for the speech bubbles and house numbers have been added later.

The answers for the puzzle will be revealed on YWAM Norway´s website in the 27th.

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