Thursday, December 18, 2014

After forty years, we bought Grimerud.

Sorry for not posting last week, lots of things to do, and no time to draw a bit about it.
The magazine we finished a few weeks ago should be in the postman´s mail trucks by now and in people´s homes just before christmas. I´ll put a link to the online version on my blog before the year is over.

This drawing has nothing to do with the post. This is «Girl child» chasing «Kettlepig».
They are two characters from a children´s series that is running on the Norwegian TV right now.
The series is mixing all kinds of ideals and values, but mostly based on old Norwegian folklore.

You should be able to see all the episodes here.


Grimerud is the name of the farm where YWAM Norway has it´s main office. We have been renting the place since 1975, and in 1987 we bought a part of the property. But on Monday we signed the contract to purchase the remainder of the property that we have been renting for forty years now.
It is the part south of the driveway that we already own, and now we have come to an agreement with the owner to buy the part north of the driveway also. 45 acres of farmland are part of the property too.
You can check the map here.

For those who have read though the bible, you might know that the number forty is often connected with times of testing and transition. The people of Israel were in the desert for forty years, Moses was on the mountain for forty days when he got the law. We are looking forward to see what God has for us in the coming years on the farm. Now that we own the place, we have the freedom to use it the way we like to. We are expanding, and making space for more missions-work, more schools and more of God.

This is an exciting time to be with YWAM in Norway.

And there was a big cake, to celebrate the purchase.


On my basement-corner of Grimerud, there is a bit of fun news too. I´ve gotten a new computer to work with, a fancy new Macbook Pro with retina-display. It is very good to have something faster and stronger than the stationary Mac that I have been working on for four years now. We decided to get a laptop, so I could have the chance to be more mobile when I use it. Now we have the chance to move the production of the magazine to one of the other YWAM locations, and give others a chance to be involved in the production.
This laptop will travel with me to London in the spring of next year. This way I can still help out with some design-work when they really need me. The next two issues of our magazine are going to be produced while I am gone. This is going to be an challenge, but with new times we will find new solutions.

My new office-setup. You can see what my favourite animal is.

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