Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mot Målet 04 2014

This is the last issue of Mot Målet for this year, with many stories about the Bible to All campaign we have had in Finnmark this fall.

Here are some of the pages I like the best of this issue:

I thought that the DTS-ad that we came up with on the right-hand side was good.
Most of the DTSes in Norway begin in fall-time, but a few begin in the spring too.
In the advert we listed a number of new-years resolutions,
and then offered that a DTS in Norway might be the solution.

A teaching-article about the parable of the talents, for our theme about stewardship.
We found some nice pictures at Flickr Creative Commons to go with the article.
The pictures stand for four things we have to steward:
Skills, time, relationships and property.

An interview with four of our YWAM staff about the topic of stewardship.
We gave the stewardship-theme a faded forest background,
but swapped that around on the last pages of the theme-section.

The Spirit is in the detail

The design of the magazine is both in the individual pages, and in the magazine in the whole. That´s a nice challenge every time we put the it together. See all of the digital edition here, or go here for a free subscription.

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