Thursday, December 4, 2014

No need to sharpen your pencil just yet

How to illustrate "the talk" with teenagers about not sleeping around before marriage?
Is this a good way to show what might happen if they try to sharpen-up sex-skills with friends,
before sharing sex with with their spouse.

Besides the work for YWAM Norway´s magazine, I´m sketching for ideas for a book for christian  teenagers about relationships, love and sex. Having a talk about such a private matter is no easy thing, but the right illustrations can make a big difference. That´s what I believe.
Still, no matter how good a book or a picture is in presenting an idea, we learn best from the life´s wisdom of real people. Our family, friends and people in church.
If you look over at my Pinterest-board: projects, you can see what kind of ideas I am working with for this book (and other projects).

Once (and probably before) the book is published, I´ll post some more pictures on my blog.

In the meantime, I´ve booked tickets for my time in London with YWAM there. I´ll be leaving Norway on the 29th of January and am flying back on the 24th of April. It´s going to be an exciting time there, with a totally different group of people than here at Grimerud. Besides visual artist, there are group has dancers, musicians and  fashion-designers. There will be Dutch and Scandinavians too on the course, and that already feels like a relief to me. To have someone of a familiar culture around.

At Grimerud, we´ve got a little snow on the ground already.

Another thing of notice: A friend gave me an haircut.
Gone are the long curly locks.
(I took this photo with the timer on my camera)

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