Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Folkesang: A lullabye-song

At the beginning of the summer, my friend Åsne asked me if I wanted to do illustrations for a Norwegian folksong-website that she wanted to start up. Besides being a mother, Åsne is a professional singer who sings traditional Norwegian folksongs.
The website is still under construction, but three of the video-episodes have already been put on Youtube by the TV-producer.

It is great fun to work with Åsne, and find good illustrations for the different songs. The goal with the website is to pass the folksongs on to a new generation of Norwegian. The text of the songs, and the way the songs are sung, have not been changed. But through a simple presentation and the freshness of the illustrations, we hope to give these old songs a new place in the Norway of today.

The lullabye

The motif for this illustration was taken from Christian Krohg´s painting: «Sleeping mother with child», with the difference that the mother is not sleeping, and that the father present too.
The last line int he song is about God´s angel keeping watch over the baby at night. We wanted to  show that in the picture in too, but without making it look like there was a ghost in the room. The angels ended up as paintings on the sides of the cradle.


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