Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Studio to Street: To England on the morrow

Tomorrow I fly off to England, and will be there for three months. Tonight we are having a little goodbye-party for me at the place I live. 

Bearing myself right

The thought of living at a new place and working with new people has been on my mind a lot. Not so much about who they will be, but mostly who I am going to be for them. Tomorrow at the terminal, I can choose who I am going to be for the people I meet at the other side of the plane-ride.
I am taking the plane to from Oslo to Heathrow. Time spent at the airports usually presses on me the feeling that I am «inbetween» two cultures. As I have gone through customs I have left one country behind, but I am still waiting to arrive in the next. This happens often when I travel between Norway and the Netherlands. Even though I am the same person, people relate to me differently. For example: Norway is the country where I work, and the Netherlands is the country where I spend time with family and friends. But all of London has not met me yet. 

Whoever I am going to be when I come out of the subway station at Willesden Green, I know I will not be able to be a good one without God´s grace to guide and carry me.

A sketcht hat I didn´t get to turn into a proper drawing. I know that God is not a woman, and neither am I.
But I am imagining that He is just as fascinated by the process of making creation, as he is in guiding the creative.

A little video of what previous internships at YWAM London have looked like.

Since I almost filled up my current sketchbook,
I got a new one for the England-trip.
The first page is already christened, to check the paper-quality.

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