Wednesday, January 7, 2015

YWAM Norway Staff Conference: Three daily sketches

Happy new year everyone, I hope yo made it well into the new year.

Grimerud has been buzzing with people in the last week. First the New-years festival here with 80 teenagers, and then our annual staff conference with 400+ of our coworkers.
In previous posts, I´ve show you the sketches I make while I sit in with the corporate meetings.
And since I´m doodling in my book anyway, we (of YWAM´s communication team) thought It would be fun if I post one picture or page for every day of the conference.

These are «notes», and not finished images, so they look a bit messy.

Day one: a front row quick sketch of interviews they did from stage.

Day two: During the meetings, a mental picture of a northwind kept showing up.
 Meaning that a «north wind» would come blowing from Norway,
and awaken people´s desire to read the Bible and follow Jesus.
This northward is from George MacDonald´s novel «At the back of the North wind»

Day two: I was sitting at the front row again, but so was a three year old.
So, we drew three and a half tractor with wagons and lights,
and I took notes in-between the scribbles afterwards.

Day three: I had missed one meeting because I had been making lunch for all the 400+ people.
In the afternoon , there was a «marketplace» where all the YWAM schools and courses got presented.
I sat in the back, and drew some of the people that would stand and sit still enough, long enough,

The thing that I liked the best with the staff conference was that all the things were all relevant to the people that work with YWAM in Norway. There was an extensive bit about the Bible To All-project, where we evaluated and were looking forward to handing out bibles to all the houses in the rest of the  country. We are now going to prepare a few more things to go alongside the bible-distribution, things that will make people hungry for the bible.

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