Thursday, February 12, 2015

Studio to Street: Week two

I´m quickly going to show you the three areas in London where we work. London is a big place, and to get from the one place to the other we do a lot of walking. Somewhere between one and two hours every day.

A map of where in London we live and work

in Soho
Photo: Deborah Stevenson


One night in the week, we are in the Soho-district. This is the Red Light-district of London. Here we work together with people of «The City Gates»-church, who have a café/venue there. When we are out on streets at night we offer free coffee and tea, and invite them to come to church-services if they want.
We literally meet people from everywhere in the world. In the picture above I´m talking with a man from Greece.

A lot of artist meet each other in café´s and pubs in the Soho district.

At the Stables Market of Camden
Photo: Deborah Stevenson


This is another area in London where artists work and get together. One afternoon in the week, we visit the place to meet the people who live and work there. This is the area that the people of the «Arts House» I work with are wan

Notting Hill Community Church

Notting Hill

The other big creative community of London, Notting Hill is at walking distance (40 minutes) from where we live. This is the most high-brow of the three creative communities that we are involved in.
I am on the «Visual Arts» track together with Victoria, and together with a few other artists, we are preparing for an exhibition that we are organising for the month of march. Either right before, or right after we go on outreach to the continent.

A sketch for one of my three big big paintings.

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