Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Studio to Street wk 3: Love Harlesden

I was one of five people facepainting the Harlesden girls and boys.
Photo: Deborah Stevenson

Love Harlesden

London is a big place, that is made up of many many small places. The small place that we live is called Willesden, the small place south of our small place is Harlesden.
Harlesden has a big Caribbean community and is unofficially called the Reggae Capitol of London.
Last week on valentine´s day the people of Harlesden celebrated that they had finished fixing the roads in the centre of their community. At the same time the old clock in the middle of the square got repainted.
The city council had asked YWAM to organise the «entertainment» for the day. So, we did free facepainting, music and dancing:


and a photo-frame thingy:

The «Love Harlesden»-thing,
for the facebook-page.

The second of three paintings I´m working on,
the working title is: «Goodness».

The third of the paintings,
working title: «Fearless».

This week, we also got to know which places we will be going for our outreach-trip:

Planes, trains and automobiles, the travel-route for our outreach:
London - Berlin - Prague - Vienna - Milan - (and back to London)

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