Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Studio to Street wk7: A weekend with Annemarie in Ireland

This weekend, I took a two day trip to Ireland, to visit my sister Annemarie who lives and works close to Dublin. On our touristy trips to the big city, we watched some of the St. Patricks festival going on. Our main sightseeing goal had been the National Museum of Ireland.

I drew these to make the huge skeletons we saw at the National Museum in Ireland come to life.

And another page of flesh and bone Irish Elk.

The skeletons of Giant Irish Deer in the museum,
I hope I get to see real ones in heaven.

Dublin Castle.

Later that day at the Temple Bar pub.

The second day, we mostly stayed at home and relaxed. Just before I went back to London, we dropped by this fountain-pen store in the city centre of Dublin. Even though it was quite a high end store, I really like it.

My personal favourite little shop in Dublin: The Pen Corner.

All in all, it was very refreshing to be away to Dublin for the weekend, just to spend some time with Annemarie. These two days have been really good to get a little Guinness flush-break from everything that has been going on in London, and many of the things that I have been running through my head.

Tomorrow we are leaving on our four-week outreach to the continent, our first stop will be Berlin. It´s going to be very exciting, as we are going to do a lot of different things. We will be much on the streets, making music and drawings, talking with people and praying for the cities.
An extra challenge will be that most of us will travel with just hand-luggage …

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Janne Edenberg said...

flott blogg, liker denne bloggen

du skulle hatt slik mal som denne
slik at mab kan skrolle med chrome nettleser enda bedre