Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Studio to Street, Milan

The door to the cathedral

The last city on our mission-trip is Milan, where it is warm and the people have time to talk. We are staying in a church-building, at the far east side of the city. We are well received by the church where we are staying. Together with the church and the YWAM-ers in the city we do evangelism in the city on most of the days through music and performances.

The cathedral in Milan that took 500 years to build

At the very prestigious academy of arts,
we were there on a sunday, so no students were there.

I don´t really have pictures of when we talk with the people here, but here are some drawings I made in the park behind the castle. I love the parks here and all the big trees in the city.

Italian restaurants,
drawn on location.

Next week I will be back in London for the final week on this Arts Internship.

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