Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Studio to Street, Prague

On friday we took the buss from Berlin to Prague, our team is going to be here for one week.
In the time that we have been here, we have been out on the street a lot to pray, to talk with people about Jesus and to worship to God together in this city.

The New Town Hall of Prague,
from the very top of the tower you have a great view over all the city.
This tower was important in the Hussite wars,
that followed the protestant reformations of Jan Hus.

Prague is an impressive and beautiful city, everything is decorated everywhere. This city has a very vibe than a lot of the places I have been before. Even though it is a beautifully artistic city, It is not a place I would like to live. I prefer the countryside over big cities. I was so happy to see German forests and fields passing us by ont he road between Berlin and Prague.

The astronomical clock at the old square in Prague,
in the evenings we did evangelism around the clock and around the statue of Johan Hus.

A few times I was able to sit down and draw the architecture in the city. It was quite cold, so I could not spend more than half an hour on each sketch. While sketching the city like this, I also get into fun conversations with people, and opportunities to share the gospel.

Happy Easter, my next blog-post will be from Vienna.

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