Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Studio to Street, Vienna

We are in Vienna this week, the capitol city between the Alps and the Carpathians. 
During this city-trip, the book of Acts has become very real to me. Like Paul´s mission-trips, we are traveling from country to country and from city to city. And every time we get to a new place, we need to change our approach a little bit.

Vienna, seen from the Leopoldsburg

Nine years ago, when I did my DTS, we did evangelism with an Australian guy called Vince Esterman. He worked in Paris at that time, and would use a sketch-board with words and pictures on the streets. The Parisians, who are very intellectual and distant, are hard to reach through conversation, but would pay attention to something that was funny and witty. 

Music, dance and sketching are often great ways to start a conversation, but people´s hearts are reached a little differently in different cities.

The first night in the city we played under the St. Stephan´s cathedral. It caught a nice big crowd.

Playing worship songs at the St. Stephan's square.
Photo: Taboo Arts

And all of the sudden, we drew a huge crowd.
Photo: Taboo Arts

Joy danced into the quiet city night.
Photo: London Arts

Sketches of the team-members performing while we were at the museum-square.

The city has many cathedrals and churches, but all the tall and imposing buildings are starting to tire me. All the high towers point up and away from the people, like long noses of the disciples who looked up after Jesus´ ascension.
But God is not far away, perched on the top of a church-spire. He has sent his Spirit to be with us, to work in our hearts and teach us everything Jesus taught.

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