Thursday, June 18, 2015

Back at Borgen

Almost ten years ago, I came to YWAM Borgen in the north of Norway for a DTS. Taking this school , I was presented with multitudes of opportunities to be involved in missions around the world.
After the school, I took the opportunity to go back there and work from this place for one and half years. With our mobile tema, we travelled a big part of northern Scandinavia and visited churches and schools. This week I am back at Borgen, to help them with a communication-plan for the expansion of their buildings.

Borgen´s main-building, is getting more space (towards the right)
to facilitate camps, schools and seminars.

At the moment, the place has a convenient space to host a group of forty people. But youth-groups and confirmant-groups as big as seventy or eighty have spent a weekend here. So, high time to expand to the need. When the new building is done, more people will have opportunities to go to camps and seminars here. And more young people can be trained to be missionaries, either through DTS´es or other kinds of courses.

Visualising the new building: The pencil sketch of how the new classrooms that are going to be built.
This drawing are going to be use for the fundraising needed for this building project.

The «Lavvo».

The view from my room this week, at nine in the evening.

At quarter past midnight.

It´s super good to be back in the north, I have missed seeing the high mountians rise up on all around.

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