Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Grafitti-workshop at Stoppestad Verden

This is what it looks like when kids
try to handle spray cans that are too big for them.
They hold the can with both hands
and push the button with both thumbs.

On Saturday and Sunday of last weekend I was helping out with a graffiti-workshop at a local festival called Stoppested Verden. The festival is for children, and the idea behind it is to build bridges through cultural exchange. Like the Eurovision Song contest. At the festival, there were many  countries represented, and the children could see or try out different things that were specific to the cultures of that country. I was doing graffiti-workshops for the USA-area.

Two other canvasses of our graffiti-workshop,
It was only during my breaks that I had a little time to take pictures.

 Two other canvasses,
you can see the Breakdance-floor in the back.

Our workshop was swarming with kids from the moment we started. Even between he three of us, we had our hands full on trying to manage the spray-cans between the 25-30 kids at a time. We figured out pretty quickly that spray cans are not designed for the little hands of children.

A little way off from where we were doing the graffiti, the regional recycle-station had their five garbage-containers set out (the ones that I´ve painted for tem). They were really happy with the results.

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