Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Grimerud is turning white

We´ve been painting the main building at Grimerud, white as snow.

The back-side is all done.

Still working on the font of the building.


While I have been away in the north of Norway, the others at Grimerud have started to paint our main building. It needed a new coat, and the decision has fallen on the colour white. I was a bit sceptic about the new colour at first, but now that I can see it and walk around it, I think it actually looks quite nice.


The work that I have been doing for YWAM Borgen is almost done. Up in the north I was able to do a lot of the preparation work, and now that I´m back in my studio, I was able to do a lot of Below are some of the results:

The invitation card for YWAM Borgen.

Some extra scribbly graphics for the Powerpoint-presentation.
This is a buss-full of 60 confirmants that come to have camps at Borgen.
At the moment there is only space for 25 people at a time,
the expansion of the building will give room for 90.

Staying pink

For some time ago, I made a painting with 66 elephants. But sadly, the colours had faded quite quickly. So, I got some new light-fast paint, and made a new painting that´s gonna stay pink.

Sixty-six pink elephants again.

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