Thursday, July 9, 2015

66 Lapwings, and what I am reading this summer

66 Lapwings

Honestly, yes, I do miss the Netherlands sometimes. Especially when there is not so much happening and my mind gets to wander other places than project-work. What made me think of my hometown especially much this week was a lone Lapwing that I saw (and heard) flying over the fields last week. I don´t see them too much here in Norway, but we have a lot of them in the Netherlands.

It happens every summer that I get slack with things when the regular weekly program is not running for a few months. And especially my personal bible-reading and quiet-time and things. It happens every summer, that it should´t even surprise me anymore. But still …

I don´t want to take vacation from Jesus, even though it´s so easy to just let the bible stay in my bag, use these nice days on so many other things. But not this time, not much I hope.
So, instead of working on some important project, I´m taking time in the bible and some other books.

The second books I am reading is about small-groups in church, and the third is a biography in German. I´ve never been big on reading, I´d rather draw things. Since the picture-side of my brain is the most developed, I almost have to do my note-taking in through drawings (see above), and that takes a lot of time. But it´s good, because then I really get to digest what I´m reading.

A book in German,
a biography of one of my favourite children´s book illustrators.
Hope you guys are doing good this summer!

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