Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Knives in the archives

After the editorial meeting last week, I´ve starting this year with a bit of a boring task: archiving ten years of newspaper-articles that are relevant to our our organisation in Norway. Via an on-line service we keep track of when the Norwegian newspapers mention YWAM, DTS´s or YWAM-leaders in their papers. All the papers with relevant articles have been saved in crates in the last years.
Now I´ll take some days to cut the pages out of the papers, scan them and stick them in blue binders.

Two really fun things that are coming up int he next months are making the new magazine with the new editor, and travelling to the printer that´s doing our magazine, and talking with hem about a new design and layout for Mot Målet. We´ve had the same design for five years (as long as I´ve worked with the magazine), and now that I´ve learned a couple of things about magazine layout, I´d like to make some changes int he layout that enable us to present the articles clearer and and make the design-process easier.

Cutting relevant articles form old newspapers with a knife I stole from the kitchen.

A stack of magazines that I keep for reference and inspiration.

While making space in the archive shelves, I came across some really old books.

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