Thursday, August 27, 2015

Waves of newspapers

One of the things we like to talk about in our missions movement is «waves of young people». We want to mobilise, train and equip young people to get to know God better and make Him known in all the corners of the world. YWAM is a like a big springboard with lots more springboards attached, with even more springboards attached to those.
What we want to see is a missions movement that looks like waves of young people who are jumping unto the mission-fields on all the continents.

I wrote last week that I´ve been shearing news-paper articles out of old Norwegian newspapers. Well, I´ve been doing some more of that this week as well. Although reading through a whole years worth of papers is a demanding task, it is giving me a decent idea of how we are presented in the printed media, and what the people might think when they read about us.
We´re doing quite good I think, but there is still a lot more that can be done. Getting an overview of all the articles will tell us how we really are doing, and what we might be able to improve. Better communication = more young people tot he mission-field. I hope.

Fixing the springboard with papers

Besides making magazines and drawing pictures, I believe that one of my roles in making these waves of young people is to «help the church on missions to communicate clearer and further». This is my semi-official mission-statement. Doing these kinds of media-analysis and -strategies fits right in with this role.
Going back to the image of YWAM as a huge springboard, I believe that the media strategies I´ve mentioned above will work as signage that will point more people the mission-field, and hopefully  create better informed springboards, so young people know what they are jumping into when they make the jump.

A promo-card I made for a missions-course that we are going to have here at Grimerud next year.
A pretty good example of some of the print-media communication I work with throughout the year.

And here´s a sketchbook-drop,
mostly people in weird positions,
and clumps of heads.
I´m always practicing.

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