Wednesday, September 16, 2015

66 Draft Horses

Woop, another one in the series of 66 Animals. I had to make one with these big horses too since I really like them. Actually, when I was in London this spring, the girls int he team let me know they though that the draft horse was my «spirit animal». Whatever that means.

Meanwhile at Grimerud, the two DTSes for this year have started, with fifteen students in each school. This coming weekend, another school will start too, and that school will have another twenty students. So, our who place is going to be packed with people for the next three months.

Preparing a whole board full of toasties.
And meanwhile at Café UNO, we are running are regular schedule again. And the a new school-season means new school-youth that come to hang out at the café.
In the weekends in some cities in Norway, the parents of school-going youth have to do vigilante-patrol duty. This group is called «Natteravner» (Nightravens), and before and after their nightly city-walks, they meet up at our café. Last saturday, the group was really big, and there the picture above has some of the toasties we made for the break-time.

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