Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Our fortieth jubilee at Grimerud, crossing our «Jordan»

The main-building of Grimerud in todays evening sun.

The main building of Grimerud in the old old days.
The main building had been white when YWAM had come there in 1975.

This weekend, we celebrated the fortieth anniversary of that our missions organisation has moved in the farm where I live and work. For the last forty years YWAM has been renting the buildings and the surrounding farmland. But in 2013, we started the process of buying all of the property, and today, it´s ours.It has been a long process of forty years, but we can finally that Grimerud is ours.

To mark the event, we have held a jubilee-celebration last weekend. We invited as many of the older generations who had been living and working at the this place to celebrate this jubilee with us. From listen to the old stories, and video-interviews we were able to look back on how God has lead us in the last four decades, and celebrate his faithfulness to our missions-movement in this country.
It was so good to see how happy and thankful the old people were when they saw that their dreams for this place had finally gone in fulfilment.

I could only be part of the beginning of the jubilee, because I had to be somewhere else the rest of the time.

On the first night of the jubilee-weekend we wanted to honour the
«fathers and mothers» that have pioneered this base for 40 years ago.
Following Jesus example from the new testament, we washed their feet.

The monument that we set up during the weekend of our fortieth jubilee.
With twelve stones like the stones of remembrance from Joshua chapter four.

Meanwhile in the office, I was hoping to be working on another issue of Mot Målet. But very unfortunately, our new editor has broken his right hand, and the whole process is being postponed for another week. Too bad. But the delay has given me time to do a lot of drawing some articles of the next issue (see below). Because YWAM Norway has for the last years made an special effort to send missionaries to European countries, we decided to have a large section in that magazine about Europe.

Illustrations for an article about six different types of people that live in Europe today,
from post-christian to post-communist to post-migrant and so on.

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