Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The white pheasant, and 65 other

More than half a year ago, when our main building at Grimerud had not been painted, I saw a pheasant run around that was totally white. I had seen it twice, and other people had seen it too.
I mentioned the sighting it to a birding-friend, and she had never heard of white pheasants in this area. Never seen the unnatural phenomena again since actually. I also did not stay up to watch he red moon this weekend.

Anyways, seeing a white pheasant is a good enough reason to make this page of pheasants, I hope you like them. I also made two little animations from a dozen of the pheasant on the page.

Speaking of moons, it is once in a blue moon that I get to cut trees. Something I really like doing, and actually went to school for. One of the guys that does the outside-things here at Grimerud got stung by a wasp this thursday-morning and to let of some energy he decided to cut one of the biggest trees on the farm. It´s one and a half meters at it´s widest. After he realised that this tree was too big for him to cut on his own( and with a small chainsaw), he let me do the felling instead.

For my office-work I´ll be going to Skien this evening, and be there for two weeks. The new editor for our YWAM magazine lives and works there. A large part of the next issue is going to be about the churches role in Europe in the future. Jeff Fountain, The former leader of YWAM in the Netherlands is now working with The Shumann Centre, which has this as it´s main focus. Jeff had a long talk about Europe´s past, presents and future at our YWAM summer conference this year.
The school and offices that YWAM has in Skien are in a very old prison-building, I´ll try and show you some pictures of that next week.

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